Monday, August 2, 2021

Avatar GLOG: Exorcist

 A conversion of Skerple’s Exorcist class( for Xenophon’s Avatar GLOG(

Why? Simple, I figured a exorcist focused on dealing with yōkai would work well for a ATLA-esque setting, plus it’s a non-bending class that gets to interact with supernatural things off the bat. 

Note: Many features of the Exorcist class mention Yōkai. In the context of the Exorcist class, a Yōkai is any sort of spirit, be it a nature spirit, an undead creature, or an elemental. A kitsune is a Yōkai, and so are a zombie and a living ball of fire. If your game has GLOG-esque wizards, then their spells may also count as Yōkai, if they are living things as most GLOG games assume.



Equipment: A backpack, a bedroll, a holy symbol, a weapon, 20 units of ammunition if the chosen weapon uses ammunition, and 50 Warding Marks

A: Exorcism, Warding

B: +1 HP

C: +1 Attack, +1 HP

D: +1 HP

Exorcism: Through ritual and faith you invoke and restore the natural order of the world. Make an opposed Spirit test against a Yōkai, curse, or disease inside a living creature. You must be within 10’ of the creature to make this check, and the creature must be able to see and hear you. If you pass, the target is banished from its host. If you fail, you take the creature’s HD in damage. You can attempt this test once per hour per Yōkai. Banishing a target simply removes it from the host, it does *not* grant immunity.


You can use Warding Marks (special coins, pieces of parchment, or ribbons) to ward an area. The marks can only be used safely once per day. Each additional use costs HP, starting at 1 and increasing by 1 with each use beyond the second. The marks last until cancelled or destroyed. Only 1 set of marks can be active at any given time.

The marks can be used in 2 different ways:

1. Detection: Any Yōkai passing within 1’ of a Mark will cause it to change color, glow, or flicker. An area up to 20’x[Exorcist Templates] in radius can be warded. The marks cannot be fooled.

2. Barrier: An area up to 10’x[Exorcist Templates] in radius is covered in Marks. Yōkai outside the Marks cannot enter; Yōkai inside the Marks cannot leave. The marks also block scrying spells. If the Exorcist crosses the boundary for any reason the effect ends.

Example Exorcist Techniques:

Yōkai Sense:

Requirement: Exorcist A

Effect: Choose a sense. This sense can detect Yōkai within [Exorcist templates] * 50’ feet of you, even in complete darkness, but Yōkai with more HD than you that are in disguise or possessing something can make a Spirit Save to stay hidden. You can also use this sense to tell Yōkai apart.

Turn Yōkai:

Requirement: Exorcist A

Effect: You can now Exorcise host-less Yōkai. This works as normal, but on a successful Exorcism, the Yōkai must flee the presence of you and any people who fit [Exorcist Template] specific categories you verbally say until the sun next rises.

Castigating Banishment:

Requirement: Exorcist D, or Exorcist A, but you must kill a Yōkai that has killed at least one innocent person, by starving it.

Effect. When you successfully Exorcise a Yōkai, you can choose to inflict [your level] damage to it when you do so.

Discerning Marks:

Requirement: Exorcist A

Effect: You can name [Exorcist template] Yōkai when you use your Marks. The Marks will not affect them for that usage.

Paralyzing Marks:

Requirement: Exorcist B, or Exorcist A and 13+ Spirit.

Effect: When one of your Marks or something you have placed a Mark on touches a Yōkai, that Yōkai must make an opposed Spirit roll against you. If it fails, it is paralyzed in [Exorcist Template] limbs as long as the Mark or Marked object is touching it.

Soul of Iron

Requirement: Exorcist B or Exorcist A, but you must exorcise a possessing Yōkai from your body.

Effect: You can take 1 damage to gain a +2 bonus to any Save against Fear, a direct spiritual attack (foxfire, soul drain), or any soul-altering effect (such as a curse or enchantment). You can spend as many HP as you would like. Wounds appear as stigmata or premature aging.

Zone of Truth:

Requirement: Exorcist C or Exorcist A, but you must have solved the mystery behind a truly heinous crime. 

Effect: Your soul is clad in ice. You are unsettling and extremely odd. No one can lie to you about murder. They can evade, they can remain silent, but if they go to speak, they cannot lie... and they feel the weight of their guilt on them.

Ward the Elements:

Requirement: Exorcist A

Effect: Bending attacks and naturally existing, in-animate elements count as Yōkai for the purpose of your abilities.

Deny the Hearts of Mortalkind

Requirement: Exorcist D, or Exorcist A, but you must have lost all faith in the world.

Effect: Humans and all other natural(ie, non supernatural) animals count as Yōkai for the purpose of your abilities.


  1. This is really cool! I feel like the way normal people interface with spirits and spirituality in Avatar is really unexplored. Love this!

  2. Thank you! It felt like both a good niche to explore, as well as a nice way to make a cleric-y class for the Avatar GLOG.